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Canopy Cove of Tallahassee, Florida

World Grand Champion Sire Bouré

boureWorld Grand Champion Sire Bouré
A Tennessee Walking Horse
Foal Date: 2006

Boure is a remarkable young grey stallion who is 7 years old. He has a charming personality, is playful, and willing to do tricks, yet, he is committed to exhibiting flawlessly when in the show ring. He seems to thrive on performing while in competition, yet, he will curiously look around in the stands when waiting for the judge to announce for the class to continue. He is loved by the fans for his talent and his presentation.

After 4 years of show ring experience, during which Boure’ was crowned World Grand Champion, he was chosen to sire 2 of Canopy Cove’s mares; Pushing Dollars and Sense and Bold and Wicked (Marilyn). They have both successfully given birth to our newest and youngest equine team members – Boujé and Forté.