Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Canopy Cove of Tallahassee, Florida


Hi, I’m Shannon. I’m 32 years old and have suffered from the hell and prison of anorexia for 10 years. Very long story short, I am FINALLY in recovery as of January 2016. It took me losing my job, my income, almost my marriage and almost my life for me to (reluctantly) accept the help… read more

Canopy Cove allowed me to live again. Like all the little things that make every life beautiful that I overlooked because I was too preoccupied with shame and self-loathing, they taught me how to see those things again. They gave the best care and every moment was full of love and acceptance… read more

I researched several places before on Canopy Cove. I wanted to do a review because I hope it will encourage someone else to be brave enough to get treatment! I was overwhelmed looking so here are the 3 main reasons I chose Canopy Cove. First they offer Christian based treatment, 2 because they had lots… read more

I just saw this post asking about Canopy Cove. I agree with you. Canopy Cove had great reviews when I was looking. I was there recently. They have an excellent program and super sweet therapists. They were a God send for me! I LOVED getting to do therapy with the horses. Here’s a link for… read more

My month at Canopy Cove saved my life. The counselors and treatment plans were appropriately tailored and individual. I wish that I could have gone there much earlier in my life. I learned to love myself and deal with my addictions. I would recommend this program to anyone dealing with an eating disorder.… read more

I did the inpatient programs for about a month, 5 years ago. I was extremely sick and never thought I was going to be able to live a happy life again. I cannot give enough credit to the staff and therapists who help me realized that my life was worth living – and it was… read more

Hi – I’ve struggled with an eating disorder, anxiety, and self-harm for 5 years. I realized (when I passed out at school and ended up in the hospital) that I didn’t want to graduate from high school and start college with all these issues. A few months ago I went to Canopy Cove and it changed… read more

Canopy Cove helped save my life! I will forever be grateful for the awesome love and care I received during my stay at the Cove!… read more

I miss you but wanted to let you know I am doing well. It’s funny because I don’t even feel like this is my life. I don’t remember the last time I was happy just being…Every morning I wake up happy with positive ideas and thoughts. I still can’t believe it is possible to change… read more

I cannot thank you enough for your advice, encouragement and support throughout my treatment. I feel very blessed to have found Canopy Cove. I cannot describe how much hope and motivation it has given me to keep on fighting. I know one day I’ll be recovered and I have you and Canopy Cove to thank… read more