Got My Life Back

I researched several places before on Canopy Cove. I wanted to do a review because I hope it will encourage someone else to be brave enough to get treatment! I was overwhelmed looking so here are the 3 main reasons I chose Canopy Cove. First they offer Christian based treatment, 2 because they had lots of 20 years or something..way more than other places that I looked at and 3 because everyone they treat has an eating disorder. All I can tell you is if you;re ready for help for a good change then go because I don’t think I could have the tools I need to deal with stress that life may throw at me! They helped me get my life back. I feel like I’m living for the first time ever. It wasn’t always easy but it was SO worth it! The life I have now is SO much better than life I had before. Don’t give can do it too!