The fascination with the art of communicating with horses has existed for many years, but, until more recently this phenomenon was somewhat ambiguous.  However, it gained momentum with the publication of a number of books that provided a framework to understand the ways of a horse.   A number of movies have also contributed to our… read more

There is hardly anything more special than a baby almost anything.  That sentence might stump you at first, but once you read it a couple of times, I think most of you will agree.  Babies are special. An infant child is the most precious parcel you can imagine.  That cuddly bundle with cooing noises and… read more

It is my belief that God gave us an incredibly special gift when He created the horse.  I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of having equine friends since I was a young child and remain just as intrigued with them today as when I was four years old. Although horses are majestic and powerful animals… read more