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When asked to comment on one of my favorite horse experiences, I just became dumbfounded.   There are so many that are special, it was very difficult to come up with just one. After a several days of contemplation, I finally decided to share some (not just one) of my many touching experiences with the… read more

Have you seen the YouTube video of one of our equine team members, Charm, frolicking in her pasture?  You just can’t miss this! In this video we see Charm really kicking it up and showing her joy.  Charm has no shyness about expressing herself and is especially grateful when she can share her joy with… read more

We recently helped a client who didn’t know that Canopy Cove was located in right here in Tallahassee, Florida. She lived here in Tallahassee, but had initially sought treatment at another facility in Florida after doing a Google search and not finding our treatment center just a few miles away from here home. It was… read more