Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy at Canopy Cove It’s true. The relationship between human and horse is unlike any other relationship. There is something special about a horse that brings about a sense of peace when nothing else can. This seems to be true even for those who think that they are afraid of horses and especially for… read more

Are you or a loved one struggling with Anorexia or another Eating Disorder? Are you trying to find a facility near to Fort Walton Beach that can provide a pathway to full Recovery? There is a solution – Canopy Cove has been providing treatment for over 25 years. We help clients who are battling: Anorexia… read more

We had an interesting situation that created a lot of anxiety for everyone in our family.  We had more horses than stalls and winter was coming.  “What do we do?” became the question at hand.   Pondering the question and proposing various solutions became a familiar topic of conversation and pastime.  None of the solutions were… read more

Serenity and Peace were once considered routine states of being.  They were nothing that we had to plan for or arrange; they just were there for the taking.  During summer months we would spend long hours sitting on the porch watching fireflies sparkle about on warm summer evenings.  Gently moving back and forth in the… read more

On the website Equisearch “For People Who Love Horses” it states that, “When it comes to sharpening your horse’s mental fitness and tuning him up physically, don’t overlook the value of a solid, steady trot. This two-beat gait has more natural impulsion, rhythm and symmetry than the walk or canter, and you can put these… read more

Are you searching for an Eating Disorder Treatment Center in Jacksonville, Florida? Are you or a loved one struggling with an eating disorder? Are you trying to find a facility close to Jacksonville that can provide a pathway to full recovery? There is a solution – Canopy Cove has been providing treatment for over 25… read more

When asked to comment on one of my favorite horse experiences, I just became dumbfounded.   There are so many that are special, it was very difficult to come up with just one. After a several days of contemplation, I finally decided to share some (not just one) of my many touching experiences with the… read more

Have you seen the YouTube video of one of our equine team members, Charm, frolicking in her pasture?  You just can’t miss this! In this video we see Charm really kicking it up and showing her joy.  Charm has no shyness about expressing herself and is especially grateful when she can share her joy with… read more

As many of you may know, we took our 16 month old Walking Horse filly, Jazz-a-Belle, to training last Wednesday, July 3.  We had carefully selected the trainer to “start her” since we knew that it was time for her to begin her training or schooling.  All were in agreement, after careful consideration, that she… read more

When we are in a difficult or painful situation it is usually our greatest desire to be rescued from that circumstance.  Secondary to that desire but also quite strong, is the desire to not be alone in the circumstance.  How much harder it is to bear a tough thing when we have to bear it… read more