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Serenity and Peace were once considered routine states of being.  They were nothing that we had to plan for or arrange; they just were there for the taking.  During summer months we would spend long hours sitting on the porch watching fireflies sparkle about on warm summer evenings.  Gently moving back and forth in the… read more

Getting back into the swing of things after the diversion of a summer schedule can be difficult across generations.   Whether it is butterflies about a new school and the anxiety associated with making new friends and wondering about how you will fit in, or, being concerned about how you will do at your new job,… read more

We have all experienced situations at some point in our lives that were new and somewhat challenging.  They may have happened years ago or possibly just yesterday, yet, regardless of the time that has passed, we can often vividly recall the feelings that accompanied these situations with a remarkably strange realness. Recent moves, loss of… read more