eating disorder awareness

Canopy Cove Eating Disorder Treatment Center will be leading an educational workshop at The Children’s’ Home Society in Tallahassee, Florida on May 16. The workshop will review the warnings signs of various eating disorders and equip attendees to respond appropriately when an issue is suspected. The workshop is open to staff and employees of The Children’s… read more

First Warning Signs of an Eating Disorder may be seen by Dentists It is often the pain and discomfort related to dental complications that first causes a person suffering from an eating disorder to consult with a health professional. Dentists are often the first health professionals to observe signs and symptoms of eating disorders. The… read more

It’s a question often asked, even by people who have been suffering from it – “What is Anorexia?” WHAT IS ANOREXIA? Anorexia is a psychological disorder wherein a patient maintains a distorted image of their body shape. They are driven to keep their bodies thin resulting from an irrational fear of being overweight. People with… read more

Anorexia, Bulimia or other disorders are disruptive, impacting relationships, self-confidence and self-worth. They are also be destructive, both emotionally and physically. It’s wonderful when we’re able to make a positive, long-term impact on the life of on of our clients. Below is one recent testimonial from a client of ours. CANOPY COVE – A POSITIVE… read more

Getting back into the swing of things after the diversion of a summer schedule can be difficult across generations.   Whether it is butterflies about a new school and the anxiety associated with making new friends and wondering about how you will fit in, or, being concerned about how you will do at your new job,… read more

Even if you don’t have a Facebook account, it seems that everyone knows about Facebook.  Just this morning on the news I heard that Facebook is now on most people’s smartphones – you can see what it happening with your friends and family members anywhere you are.  You can even know what your best friend… read more

Binge Eating Disorders deserve to be recognized for their complexities and severity – yet many times are minimized and thought to be the “Lack of Will Power Disorder”.  This label falls far short of accuracy but the truth is sometimes out of sight for those who struggle with this disorder.  The inclusion of Binge Eating… read more

At Canopy Cove, we believe our clients are most successful when they receive eating disorder treatment in smaller groups. Our approach centers around helping our clients with creating individualized programs that help them in their battle against Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder and other eating disorders. Generally, these groups include less than 9 people. Because… read more

Tallahassee, Florida – Canopy Cove Eating Disorder Treatment Center, one of the country’s leading providers of treatment and care for individuals suffering from eating disorders, proudly announces the launch of their newly redeveloped website. The launch of the new website,, is devoted to helping those who struggle with eating disorders find the answers they… read more