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Reviews for Canopy Cove: Google+ and From Around the Web: Are you curious to know what others say about Canopy Cove?  Take a look at the comments and reviews from others who sought treatment at Canopy Cover Eating Disorder Treatment Center. Reviews for Canopy Cove: Google+ and From Around the Web: For additional  Canopy Cove reviews and… read more

The Power of Eating Disorder Treatment at Canopy Cove. The power of eating disorder treatment and the impact that it can have on someone’s life, is simply amazing at times. A tremendous amount of work goes into successful recovery from an eating disorder, both from the treatment center and it’s staff as well as the… read more

Anorexia, Bulimia or other disorders are disruptive, impacting relationships, self-confidence and self-worth. They are also be destructive, both emotionally and physically. It’s wonderful when we’re able to make a positive, long-term impact on the life of on of our clients. Below is one recent testimonial from a client of ours. CANOPY COVE – A POSITIVE… read more

Frequently at Canopy Cove, we hear from our clients that we helped save their life. Testimonials, like the one below are not uncommon. “My month at Canopy Cove saved my life. The counselors and treatment plans were appropriately tailored and individual. I wish that I could have gone there much earlier in my life. I… read more

Often, the clients that come to Canopy Cove for treatment of eating disorders like Anorexia or Bulimia have waited too long to address the issues of their eating disorder.  They are in a fragile condition, both physically and mentally. We hear from our clients after they’ve been through treatment that they wished they would have… read more

We love to hear positive reviews of our staff here at Canopy Cove. The relationship between our staff and our clients is so important. It’s this relationship that is the foundation for developing a successful pathway to recovery from your eating disorder. Our treatment programs are designed to combat the effects of eating disorders like… read more

In today’s world of technology that includes so much texting instead of talking, a good word spoken still holds great meaning.  When someone leaves us after a time of recovery and restoration at Canopy Cove, we ask them to let us know about how we did.  We ask for ways that we can be more… read more

People who struggle with a eating disorders often feel frustrated, confused and alone. The lack of control they seemingly have over their body and their emotions can leave them feeling hopeless. One phrase we consistently hear from patients after successful treatment is, “I finally have my life back.” Here is a review we recently received… read more

The psychologists, therapists, dietitians, and other support staff that make up the Canopy Cove Family is one of the most important reasons why we’ve been so successful treating patients and their eating disorders for over 25 years. Here is one positive review we recently received on our Facebook page. “Canopy Cove saved my life and… read more