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Canopy Cove reviews on Google+ show a New 5 Star Review From a Past Employee “It was an honor and privilege to have been on the Canopy Cove staff as primary therapist/family therapist for six years. (I recently retired from Canopy Cove). Canopy Cove has an excellent staff of highly skilled professionals who are there… read more

Canopy Cove Reviews The Life of One Person who Struggled With An Eating Disorder and  Who Chose to Live Life after Eating Disorder Treatment Eating disorders are associated with some of the highest levels of medical and social disability of any psychiatric disorder, yet research shows that only 1 in 10 men and women with… read more

The decision to seek treatment for an eating disorder is an important step toward recovery. We realize that the process can seem complicated and we assure you that we’re here to partner with you and simplify the process. We hope the following Canopy Cove Review of the three step admission process at our Florida Eating Disorder… read more

A very grateful grandmother recently left the following review of Canopy Cove on our Google+ page. We hope the following story will serve as inspiration to seek treatment for others who may be struggling. “We were at the end of our options with our granddaughter who has been diagnosed as a bulimic, bipolar, borderline personality.… read more

The Power of Eating Disorder Treatment at Canopy Cove. The power of eating disorder treatment and the impact that it can have on someone’s life, is simply amazing at times. A tremendous amount of work goes into successful recovery from an eating disorder, both from the treatment center and it’s staff as well as the… read more

In today’s world of technology that includes so much texting instead of talking, a good word spoken still holds great meaning.  When someone leaves us after a time of recovery and restoration at Canopy Cove, we ask them to let us know about how we did.  We ask for ways that we can be more… read more

The fascination with the art of communicating with horses has existed for many years, but, until more recently this phenomenon was somewhat ambiguous.  However, it gained momentum with the publication of a number of books that provided a framework to understand the ways of a horse.   A number of movies have also contributed to our… read more

People who struggle with a eating disorders often feel frustrated, confused and alone. The lack of control they seemingly have over their body and their emotions can leave them feeling hopeless. One phrase we consistently hear from patients after successful treatment is, “I finally have my life back.” Here is a review we recently received… read more

The psychologists, therapists, dietitians, and other support staff that make up the Canopy Cove Family is one of the most important reasons why we’ve been so successful treating patients and their eating disorders for over 25 years. Here is one positive review we recently received on our Facebook page. “Canopy Cove saved my life and… read more