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You’re invited to join others in Tallahassee, Florida as they walk to raise awareness on the dangers of Eating Disorders. The walk, sponsored in part by by University Health Services, will start at 6:00 PM at Florida State University Campus and will originate at Langford Green. Before the walk a Guest Speaker from Canopy Cove… read more

The search for Bulimia treatment centers in Florida generally begins either online or through a referral from a physician or therapist. Often the person doing the search is looking for an effective treatment center for themselves or a loved one that’s close to home. At Canopy Cove, our eating disorder treatment center is located in… read more

On the website Equisearch “For People Who Love Horses” it states that, “When it comes to sharpening your horse’s mental fitness and tuning him up physically, don’t overlook the value of a solid, steady trot. This two-beat gait has more natural impulsion, rhythm and symmetry than the walk or canter, and you can put these… read more

Are you searching for a Bulimia Treatment Center in Tampa? Are you or a loved one struggling with Bulimia? Are you trying to find a facility close to Tampa that can provide a pathway to full recovery? There is a solution – Canopy Cove has been providing treatment for over 25 years. We help clients… read more