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Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified also called EDNOS is a term used when an individual’s symptoms are problematic and represent disordered eating but do not fit neatly within the strict criteria for anorexia or bulimia. EDNOS is a deadly condition, with a mortality rate of 5.2 percent — higher than both anorexia and bulimia — despite… read more

The decision to seek treatment for an eating disorder is an important step toward recovery. We realize that the process can seem complicated and we assure you that we’re here to partner with you and simplify the process. We hope the following Canopy Cove Review of the three step admission process at our Florida Eating Disorder… read more

The New York Daily News recently carried a story that showcases just how serious battles with eating disorders like Anorexia can be. In the article, Former Model Reveals How Anorexia Nearly Killed Her… “Georgina Wilkin, 23, got so thin that her organs started failing and her lips turned blue, but casting agents kept calling. Now, she… read more

Are you searching for an Anorexia Treatment Center in Gainesville?   Are you or a loved one struggling with Anorexia or another Eating Disorder? Are you trying to find a facility near to Gainesville that can provide a pathway to full Recovery? There is a solution – Canopy Cove has been providing treatment for over… read more

Before people seek treatment for Anorexia, they often know (or are pretty sure they know) that they’re suffering from Anorexia. Usually they’ve either self-diagnosed by doing research online or they’ve talked to a family physician or someone else who knows about Anorexia. However, it’s not uncommon to be unsure what specific type of eating disorder… read more

Eating disorder centers now using hashtags Searching for an eating disorder treatment center to help you with your struggles with Anorexia, Bulimia or a Binge Eating Disorder just became a little easier. Now you can use Hashtags with the words you’re searching online. Hashtags help identify specific messages or content on a subject. For example,… read more