Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Canopy Cove of Tallahassee, Florida


Our caring team is fully devoted to your recovery. We provide compassionate care in a positive and nurturing environment. Our Christian-Based program welcomes all people regardless of their religious beliefs. We stand on the foundation of love, not judgment. Spirituality is a routine and consistent part of our therapy and is intertwined throughout all our treatment process. Many clients become disconnected from their personal faith as their eating disorder gains control in their lives. This often causes doubt about previously held beliefs or interferes with the ongoing development of spiritual and religious direction. Sessions are conducted in a respectful environment with a staff whose beliefs are grounded in the Bible and Christianity. However, we understand that your beliefs may be different from ours and you are not required to participate in spiritual activities if you feel uncomfortable.

Canopy Cove’s spirituality counselor is specifically trained in Christian counseling and facilitates dedicated spirituality sessions that are designed to address each client’s beliefs and needs. This may include individually directed Bible study with our Christian providers or others in the community or connecting with a “church away from home” during their stay with us. Personal meditation and prayer is encouraged daily as part of the healing process, although attendance at a daily worship service is not required. However, all participants are invited to attend Sunday morning services at a local church and are accompanied by members of Canopy Cove’s therapy staff. Our treatment program offers caring support for clients as they continue in their unique quest for spiritual development and enrichment.