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Canopy Cove of Tallahassee, Florida

Our First Barn

barnatnight4webOur First Barn and

History of Equine Therapy

We conducted Equine Therapy during the beginning years of Canopy Cove at Dr. Brogdon’s Barn. At first, our sessions were limited in time because we didn’t have bathroom facilities. However, our client’s love of horses and their positive experiences at the barn, soon called for a bathroom addition. But, this didn’t resolve our time limitation problem. Clients found that leaving for lunch or snack interfered with their benefit of being with the horses and it wasn’t long before we constructed a kitchen as well. Many rewarding times were spent at the barn; having an Easter Egg Roll during the Spring, enjoying picnics and cooking on the portable grill, and of course spending time with the horses are some of our favorite memories.

After 18 years of enjoying Equine Therapy at Dr. Brogdon’s off site Barn, we transitioned this part of our programs to our current campus. Located on 55 acres of lush pastures enclosed in beautiful white rail fencing, we now have our Equine Team right out side our doors. Clients can interact with our horses throughout the day, and especially after meals and other difficult times. It is common for the horses to be waiting at the fence at the “usual” visiting times or to see them running through the pasture with their mane and tail flowing in the wind making their way to the fence when they hear clients calling them.

The Barn continues to bring joy and usefulness today as an offsite home to our mares and foals. We continue to value our time at the Old Barn when we go to visit the Moms and Babies. Fall and Winter also provides opportunities to pick oranges and grapes during our trips.