Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Canopy Cove of Tallahassee, Florida

How to Choose a Treatment Facility

Choosing an eating disorder treatment center that is appropriate for you is extremely important for your recovery and needs to be addressed carefully and seriously. However, this is a decision that is often made when you are least able to think clearly and rationally. Here are some guidelines:

  • Determine the treatment model –Addiction or Recovery–provides you with important information about how the eating disorder treatment is designed.
  • How long has the eating disorder treatment center been providing services? It is important to receive eating disorder treatment from a competent and experienced staff.
  • Is the center dedicated exclusively and specifically to the treatment of eating disorders or will there be people who are included in the program that have different disorders such as alcoholism or other drug addictions? Treatment for eating disorders is often most effective when it is addressed separately from other disorders and when it is delivered by a team of trained and qualified eating disorder therapists and physicians.
  • Do I need to look for a facility near my home? It is important to choose an eating disorder treatment center that offers quality treatment and one in which you feel comfortable regardless of where it is located. Since there are limited facilities such as Canopy Cove which are dedicated exclusively for eating disorder treatment, many people travel considerable distances for treatment.
  • Will physical monitoring and medication management be a part of treatment? Metabolic stability is an essential part of recovery and needs to be evaluated and treated by qualified medical staff. Chemical balance is also necessary and is often established by the use of medications that need to be monitored throughout treatment. It will be important that these needs are met by the facility that you choose.
  • Does treatment provide for individual sessions and if so how many times per week? Individual sessions that are provided by therapists two to three times per week are most helpful. These sessions provide opportunities for underlying issues to be identified and explored.
  • Does a Registered Dietitian provide dietary sessions? If so, determine the number of individual sessions you will be provided on a weekly basis. It is extremely important to have weekly sessions with a dietitian who is experienced in working with those with eating disorders. This is a time that allows for opportunities for healthy interactions with food, grocery shopping, education and restaurant experiences.