Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Canopy Cove of Tallahassee, Florida

Our Treatment Approach for Anorexia

Eating Disorder Treatment Center, located in Tallahassee Florida

For more than 23 years, Canopy Cove has been focused on helping teens and adults overcome their eating disorders. Our approach with treating Anorexia is to address the specific, underlying issues that exist between our clients and their relationships with food.

How Will Anorexia Treatment Help Me?

Overcoming an eating disorder is difficult without professional intervention. However, we know from experience that Full Recovery is possible. You can live a life free from the challenges that an Eating Disorder imposes.

Our team of Eating Disorder Specialists will work with you to resolve the underlying issues that resulted in an Eating Disorder and will guide you to establish a more balanced relationship with food and self.

Whether we join you in the beginning of your journey, or later in your process, we will help you to identify, challenge, and overcome the obstacles that your eating disorder has placed in your path.

We’ve created a restorative environment that offers serenity and beauty for your recovery.

Our Anorexia treatment program is located on beautiful, 55 acres  in a secure and home-like setting.

We Provide Specialized Treatment

You receive daily treatment and around the clock care with other clients in your age group, either adult or adolescent. Each day consists of multiple and continuous therapy sessions such as individual, group, equine, spirituality, or dietary, all of which are focused on helping you develop positive coping skills.

Our staff is always there to help you through the difficult times such as during meals and when you are feeling homesick. A serenity walk down the canopied road or a visit with one of our friendly horses right outside the door can bring a sense of peace. Nature therapy and spirituality are conducted multiple times weekly.  Family therapy and visitations occur during the week as well.

Will It Ever Go Away?

At Canopy Cove we believe that every person has the ability to separate and recover from Anorexia, in spite of the fear that is felt as they begin to think about life without it. Everyone has the capacity to feel their feelings and make it through. We encourage and support our clients at each step as they work through their recovery.

Questions? Concerns? Feel free to call us at 888-245-6555 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!