Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Canopy Cove of Tallahassee, Florida

Partial Hospitalization

Partial Hospitalization Program for Eating Disorder Treatment

Canopy Cove’s Partial Hospitalization Program is located in a soothing and peaceful setting, yet is convenient to the needs of everyday life. It is nestled on a small pond under a canopy of Florida pines and lofty oaks where you can hear the daily sounds of geese and ducks.

Canopy Cove’s intensive partial-hospitalization treatment program accepts clients dealing with eating disorders including Anorexia and Bulimia. Many clients are also dealing with co-existing conditions such as depression, anxiety, and other issues. The program is available to clients who have completed the Residential Program at Canopy Cove or who qualify for entering the program as a first level of treatment.

2Partial Hospitalization Program Overview

  • Structured therapeutic environment seven days a week.
  • Full eight-hour treatment days Monday-Friday.
  • Full six-hour treatment on weekends.
  • 2 Individual sessions with the Primary Therapist
  • 1 Individual session with the Family therapist
  • Staff facilitated breakfast, lunch, and snack.
  • Independent living arrangements.
  • Guidance from therapists to help you plan your evening meals and independent time.
  • Structured assignments are provided to assist you with continuing a therapeutic experience during the evening.
  • Grocery trip with our dietary staff upon admission and ongoing support for independent grocery shopping.
  • Restaurant outings and cooking experiences with our dietary staff.
  • Opportunity to experience real-life challenges while in a therapeutic environment.

Living arrangements

1Furnished apartments are available at a nominal fee for adult clients who require housing. Transportation is also provided for clients who stay in the apartments.

Each apartment is tastefully decorated and complete with all necessary items and amenities such as linens, towels, kitchen utensils, plates, glasses – everything you need other than personal items and food. Unfortunately, because of your living arrangements and intense schedule, pets are not permitted. We do encourage you to bring family photos, books, favorite games, etc., to enjoy during your free time and to make your stay more comfortable. Laundry facilities are also available and conveniently located on the premises.

Our independent living arrangement is an important component of our treatment program. Because our Partial Hospitalization Program offers the opportunity to participate in activities that you experience in everyday life, we are able to help you identify, confront and resolve real-life issues while still in a therapeutic environment. Each morning we review and process the events of the previous evening in a non-judgemental manner as a way of helping you work through any challenges you may have encountered.

Admission process

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Program costs

Insurance policies and benefits vary greatly. Our insurance specialist will work with your insurance company to guarantee that you receive the maximum benefits available to you. Once your insurance is accepted by Canopy Cove, program costs will be adjusted to reflect your benefits and minimize your out of pocket cost.

Food expenses, including weekly restaurant day, are the responsibility of the client in our partial hospitalization program The estimated weekly average for food-related expenses is $85.00 per week, however, this could vary upon personal preference. The cost of medical office visits, tests including labwork, and prescriptions are your responsibility and are paid directly to the provider. These costs are usually covered by your insurance but may vary from policy to policy.

If you have questions regarding financial considerations or insurance, please call our office at 888-245-6555 . Our intake staff is at your service and will do everything possible to assist you.

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