Read 18 of the Best Eating Disorder Health Blogs of 2013

Learn more about eating disorders through blogs

At, they’ve compiled 18 of the Best Eating Disorder Blogs of the year.

ED blogs can offer great insight into eating disorders like Anorexia and Bulimia. This can be helpful for younger women and men (or their parents) as they’re learning about the symptoms, complications and treatment options for these disorders.

These blogs can also offer hope for those already struggling with a disorder or support for those people in the recovery stages of treatment.

Best Eating Disorder Health Blogs of 2013

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Most of the blogs deal with gaining a healthier perspective on food, exercise and proper nutrition for a happier, healthier lifestyle. But they don’t pull punches either, talking about the real hurdles and struggles involved with eating disorders.

Here’s a partial list (below).

Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder?

The Spirit Within

Make Peace with Food

Eating Disorders Coalition News and Information

ED Bites

My Bulimia Recovery Blog

Struggling with an Eating Disorder?Get Help Now!