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Canopy Cove of Tallahassee, Florida

Cruz Control


Cruz Control
A Spotted Saddle Horse
Foal Date: 1998

Cruz Control is a striking black and white Tobiano Spotted Saddle Horse who is fifteen years old.  He came to be a part of our family in July of 2004.  At that time he was being shown successfully in competition in both regional and nation-wide shows.  He had won over 80 blue ribbons and had won World Champion status seven times as well as being voted Horse of the Year by the Spotted Saddle Horse Association several times during his show ring career.  Even though he was an accomplished show ring veteran, he joined our Equine Team at Canopy Cove and “has never looked back.”

Cruz is a very social horse and thrives on personal attention; if left unattended he will bang on his door or call loudly until someone comes to take him out of his stall or pasture to spend time with him.  He is great to work with in the round pen and has a very cooperative spirit when he is participating in other ground work.  He loves to go on evening walks with our family.  We can be strolling through the pasture on a warm summer evening and suddenly we will hear the hoof beats of our gentle friend coming to join us step for step.