Eating Disorder Questions

It is not often that someone makes a conscious decision to engage in behaviors that will result in an eating disorder. While it may be true that some eating disorders begin as what could be called normal dieting that then escalates into an obsessive behavior, most eating disorders develop over time and have subtle warning… read more

The decision to seek treatment for an eating disorder is an important step toward recovery. We realize that the process can seem complicated and we assure you that we’re here to partner with you and simplify the process. We hope the following Canopy Cove Review of the three step admission process at our Florida Eating Disorder… read more

Recognizing that you or your loved one needs help for an eating disorder is the first step towards Recovery and one that deserves to be celebrated as a significant victory in itself.   The steps that follow are equally important but could never be reached without the awareness that something is wrong.  Thank you for knowing… read more

EDNOS stands for “eating disorder not otherwise specified,” and according to the American Psychiatric Association accounts for 90% of eating disorder diagnoses outside of treatment centers and 40-60% of diagnoses within treatment centers.  Many of the EDNOS symptoms are the same as other eating disorders, such as Bulimia or Anorexia, but don’t fully meet the… read more

It’s a question often asked, even by people who have been suffering from it – “What is Anorexia?” WHAT IS ANOREXIA? Anorexia is a psychological disorder wherein a patient maintains a distorted image of their body shape. They are driven to keep their bodies thin resulting from an irrational fear of being overweight. People with… read more

Serenity and Peace were once considered routine states of being.  They were nothing that we had to plan for or arrange; they just were there for the taking.  During summer months we would spend long hours sitting on the porch watching fireflies sparkle about on warm summer evenings.  Gently moving back and forth in the… read more

Recognizing that someone is battling with an eating disorder is not always easy. Signs of an eating disorder, such as Anorexia or Bulimia, are confusing and often misinterpreted. And frequently, the person suffering from these eating issues is trying to hide the signs from close friends and family. However, recognizing these signs earlier (rather than later)… read more

Binge Eating Disorders deserve to be recognized for their complexities and severity – yet many times are minimized and thought to be the “Lack of Will Power Disorder”.  This label falls far short of accuracy but the truth is sometimes out of sight for those who struggle with this disorder.  The inclusion of Binge Eating… read more

Fighting an eating disorder is a long and difficult battle.  Overcoming this war within the mind is a victory that comes only after great effort.  At first it seems that there is no battle at all, just some positive experiences, or maybe some feedback that someone is looking better.  However, after a while the “good… read more

What should you consider when making the decision to seek therapy for an eating disorder like Anorexia or Bulimia? One of the first things you’ll consider is where to seek treatment. This is often based on finding an eating disorder therapist (or an entire team of dedicated support staff) to assist you in your treatment… read more