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Canopy Cove of Tallahassee, Florida

Breaker’s Sensation

breakers_sensationBreaker’s Sensation
A Spotted Saddle Horse
Foal Date: 1992

Breaker is a seven (7) times World Grand Champion black and white Tobiano Spotted Saddle Horse who is 21 years old.  He came to join our Equine Team at Canopy Cove in December of 2004, arriving on the same day that he had been elected horse of the year by the Spotted Saddle Horse Association.  This was an honor that Breaker had experienced on several other occasions.  He had won over 50 blue ribbons and was a current World Grand Champion at the time he came to Canopy Cove.  However, leaving the glamour of the show ring spotlight was accepted with no regrets.

Breaker now spends his days grazing and keeping company with his former show ring buddy, Cruz.  Interestingly, Cruz and Breaker were stalled next to each other in the same show barn before joining us at Canopy Cove.  They have grown to be great friends and become very upset when separated.  Breaker has a quiet spirit and is willing to participate in any activity with no hesitation.  Whether we are doing a stretching activity, a flexibility maneuver or the traditional hoof work, he is always ready.  He is also happy to work in the round pen or to allow us to do any of our other ground work.