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Canopy Cove of Tallahassee, Florida

Boujé And Forté

bouje_forteHe Is The Big Easy (Stud Colt) Barn name:  Boujé (Boo J)
(pictured right)

Forté (Filly)
(pictured left)

Registered Tennessee Walking Horses:  Foaled October 2012 Five days apart
Both sired by: World Grand Champion Bouré

Born only a few days apart these two babies quickly became great buddies.  They have been inseparable since the first day they were turned out together.  Now that they have been weaned from their mothers they seem to have developed an even closer tie.

The opportunity is provided for each to have separate feed buckets at each feeding, yet, they eat from one feeder and then move to the second one together.  They share their hay in a similar manner.  Its almost as if they are a unit.

However, their personalities are very different as well as their body types.  Boujé is a compact colt and was ink black when he was born.  When this is the case, it usually indicates that the colt will almost certainly turn a grey color.  This would be consistent with his father.  He has already developed some grey hair in his mane and its sprinkled throughout his body.

Forté was a born a color that resembled a brown/black mix.  Her renowned breeder, who has many years of experience with foaling colts, thinks that she will turn a “rose grey” when she loses her baby coat.  She has long legs, an elegant neck, and a refined muzzle.

Boujé and Forté are both playful, extremely affectionate, and social.  So, equine therapy is something they look forward to on a regular basis.