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by Trish Higgins Kurowski * Some names have been changed Lynne Hinnant on Christmas morning in 1994 The day Miriam Richardson* reached the end of her rope, she went out and bought a large chain and a padlock. When she brought it home, she placed it around the refrigerator, locked it, and left for work.… read more

“With the help of equine-assisted therapy, women with eating disorders are finding some balance.” Dr. Lynda Brogdon Located among the majestic oaks and canopied roads of Northern Florida lies a treatment facility for women unlike any other. Its natural beauty and pastoral peace work to combat one of modern society’s most formidable disorders. Its success,… read more

Published in The VOICE magazine January issue 1999 Excerpt from “A Walking Horse that Continues to Give After 30 something years” Sweet Georgia Brown is a Valued Member of Canopy Cove’s Equine Therapy Team For over thirty years Sweet Georgia has brought smiles to the faces of countless people. His showring career began so long… read more