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Halloween was a magical time for me as a child. Every July, my mother would ask me what I wanted to be for Halloween. She would then buy (or sometimes design) a pattern and make the most elaborate, hand-sewn costumes for me. We’re talking full body shark suits, giant foam filled character heads, embroidered details,… read more

As a former collegiate swimmer, 6 year professional cheerleader for the NFL and current professional choreographer, I have been playing sports all my life and know the sport culture all too well. Now as a clinical sport psychologist, I have been able to apply my personal athletic experiences coupled with clinical knowledge to help better… read more

Within the conversation of suicide, there is often a great deal of information linking suicide to depression or substance abuse, but very little information on the link between eating disorders and suicide. For relevant information regarding features of mental health diagnoses, we often turn to the most recent Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health… read more

Written by Dr. Katie Patterson, PsyD, LPC, NCC Although the prevalence of eating disorders among athletes is high, they often go unnoticed by coaches, teammates, and the athlete themself. In part, this is due to the sport culture and “norms” related to nutrition, training, and performance mindsets. These sport-environment “norms” can result in immense pressure… read more

Written by: Christopher Gardner Read the original article here. Researchers at Yale School of Medicine and the VA Connecticut Healthcare System, in a pair of complementary studies, investigated eating disorders in Iraq and Afghanistan war-era veterans, a group thought to be at high risk for eating disorders. New eating disorders —atypical anorexia nervosa, night eating… read more

We encourage people to follow the CDC’s ( and WHO’s recommendations.  If you have concerns about your physical health and safety please consult with your physician to figure out best options for yourself and your family. Even with the need to self-quarantine, there may be options for teletherapy.  Teletherapy is a way to remotely do… read more

In our last article, we discussed female athlete triad syndrome which is a disorder marked by disordered eating, bone density loss, and alteration in menses. Because of the menstruation part of the triad, men cannot suffer from this syndrome. However, many people expressed concerns that male athletes also suffer from body image disorders, extreme fixation… read more

For athletes of all disciplines, there is pressure to be the best, train the hardest, and look like an athlete. For sports such as ballet, gymnastics, swimming, figure skating, and long-distance running, the perception of what an athlete should look like is thin and many athletes face ridicule from teammates, judges, and competitors for being… read more

When you love someone who has an eating disorder, it can be a tricky thing to know how to talk about it in a productive way. Have you ever been taken aback when spoke to a person with an eating disorder and they took it in the wrong way? Have you ever been confused when… read more