Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Canopy Cove of Tallahassee, Florida

Angel Dust


Angel Dust
A Miniature Horse
Foal Date: 2006

Angel is a Cremello Miniature Horse who foaled in 2006 old and is only 8 ½ hands tall! Angel came to join our team when she was merely 8 months old and earned her name in a very special way. This young miniature horse became the “guide-horse” for our Forty-year old Senior Equine Member, Sweet Georgia Brown. He had recently lost his sight from equine recurrent uveitis and had also lost his hearing due to age.

Angel would gently “herd” the older horse to his food and water to make sure he stayed nourished, and always stayed by his side so that he felt safe. Her gentle efforts brought Sweet Georgia Brown a sense of peace for another full year despite his impairments, and thus she truly was an “Angel!”

Now Angel enjoys the opportunity to reside at Canopy Cove, exploring the expansive green pastures and proudly ruling her herd, which includes Breaker and Cruz. She is especially taken with Breaker and they have become fast friends. Angel is very social and loves attention, and is quite mature for her age! She is especially thrilled when she is selected as the participating horse in the Equine Therapy sessions!