Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Canopy Cove of Tallahassee, Florida

Admission Process

If you’re thinking about seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one, please call and speak to a trained admissions specialist who can guide you through this next step.

We understand that in many cases a sense of urgency is a priority; we are sensitive to this and are able to move quickly to accommodate clients in need.

The following is an overview of our three-step admissions process.

The process can typically be completed in a single day.
Step One: Initial Phone Screening (This step can be completed with a family member or a loved one).

Please contact us for an initial phone screening which will allow us to determine preliminary eligibility for our program at
888-245-6555. If appropriate, we will then schedule a full intake phone assessment.

Step Two: Arrange Financial Details: Our specialist will contact your insurance company on your behalf to determine your policy’s benefits. We will then follow up with you to provide an explanation of your benefits including any anticipated costs such as deductibles or maximum out of pocket expenses. We can also provide information on cash payment discounts and financing sources. You may submit your insurance information online by clicking Here.

Step Three: Full Intake Phone Assessment: The full intake phone assessment is held with our intake therapist. Once our Program Director has reviewed your intake assessment and determined that you meet our admissions criteria, we will then extend an offer of admission. Once you have accepted, we will then reserve a spot for you in our program and coordinate with you to arrange an admission date.
Call 888-245-6555  to speak to a trained admissions specialist who can guide you through the admission process.