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Admission Canopy Cove Treatment Center

Admission Process

By making the decision to reach out for support, you’ve already started your journey towards full and complete recovery. We know this time can be difficult for you or your loved one, our team is here to help guide you through this process.


Our team values your story and wants to learn more about the path that led you to Canopy Cove. This step can be completed by a family member or a loved one

  • During this call, our admissions coordinator will guide you through the admissions process, provide an overview of the program, and answer any questions you may have.
  • Please give us a call at 888‑245‑6555 so we can ensure we are the best fit for you.
  • If you are unavailable at this moment, please complete an intake form and you will be contacted within one business day.
  • This initial pre-screening will allow us to determine preliminary eligibility for our program. If appropriate, we will then schedule a full intake phone assessment.

Fill Out Our Intake Form


We will work with you to determine insurance eligibility, cash payment discounts and financing sources

We understand finances play a crucial role when seeking treatment. Please complete our Insurance Verification Form and we will contact your insurance company on your behalf to determine your policy’s benefits.

We will work with you to determine insurance eligibility, cash payment discounts, and financing sources. Once your benefits have been obtained, our insurance specialist will follow up with you to provide an explanation of your benefits including any anticipated costs, such as deductibles or maximum out of pocket expenses.

Check Your Insurance


We put your safety first. That's why we ask for a Pre-Admission Medical Test and Release of Information Form

Our priority is your safety – We ask all incoming clients to complete a Pre-Admission Medical Test 10 days prior to admission. This is our first opportunity to ensure you or your loved one is medically stable as we make the necessary arrangements to start treatment.

Pre-Admission Medical Test

Please complete our Release of Information, this will allow us to request the appropriate records from your providers. You can fax the completed form to (850)893-6994 or send it via email to your admissions coordinator.

Release of Information Form


We want to get to know you, hear your journey, and get a better understanding of the impact the eating disorder has had on your life. We also want to discuss your goals and concerns for starting treatment

We know that each person we treat is unique and deserves a customized approach tailored to their specific needs. As part of the admission process, each client has a detailed evaluation by a member of our multi-disciplinary Eating Disorder team.

What to expect during your phone assessment? 
The call approximately takes 30 minutes to an hour.
Please have access to: 

  • A list of your medications
  • The name and contact information for your current treatment team, i.e. physician, therapist and registered dietitian.

This will allow us to collect the most accurate information so we can begin to develop a customized treatment protocol that addresses your specific situation.


Following the phone assessment, the information will be reviewed by our Clinical Director and other key members of our treatment team who will make a recommendation for the appropriate level of care

After the team has reviewed the information, your admissions coordinator will reach out to you to share their recommendations.

If our treatment teams believes we are prepared to support your or your loved one’s needs, we will extend an offer of admission.

After you receive an offer of admission and medical clearance, our admissions coordinators will work with you or your loved one to set an admission appointment.