Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Canopy Cove of Tallahassee, Florida

About Our Founder

dr_brogdonDr. Lynda Brogdon is a licensed psychologist specializing in eating disorder treatment (Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating), diabetes counseling, individual and family therapy, health psychology and adherence. She is also certified as an Eating Disorder Specialist through the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals as well as a Certified Equine-Assisted Psychotherapist.

Also a Certified Equine Therapist, Dr. Brogdon began working with horses in the treatment of eating disorders in 1990. Since then, she has continued to integrate her love of horses with eating disorder treatment by implementing the Equine Therapy Program at Canopy Cove.

As a certified diabetes educator, Dr. Brogdon served as a psychological consultant for the Diabetes Center at Tallahassee Memorial Health Care and was instrumental in developing the psychosocial program utilized by both inpatient and outpatient units. Since 1984, she has also provided therapy in a variety of counseling settings including hospital and campus environments as well as private practice.

Personal Note

It is my personal belief that no one needs to or deserves to suffer or die from an eating disorder. Yet unfortunately over 500,000 people, mostly female, lose their lives to the consequences of eating disorders each year. I believe that those who suffer from Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating Disorders are probably the most misunderstood group of people in the world. Why would someone not eat? Or why would someone just not stop eating; how could they possibly eat such a huge amount of food? Most confusing of all, why would anyone ever think of intentionally throwing up?

The heartfelt gift of working with our clients is watching them regain their lives bit by bit; actually tasting food and enjoying it, smelling a flower and smiling, riding a horse and laughing, or seeing a rainbow or a star and feeling hopeful. Yet, the ultimate reward is when our clients contact us months-sometimes years-after their treatment to let us know that they are continuing to live full lives and thank us for our help. The notes at Christmas time with pictures of newborns from mothers who feared never being able to have children, the e-mail from someone in California who accidentally found us on the web and tells us of her graduation from college and a successful career, and the client who wrote a note to tell us that she had ordered pizza with a friend and didn’t feel guilty afterwards, are some of the reminders that let us know we are on track.

I thank all of you who struggle with an eating disorder for searching websites, reading materials, seeking therapy, and knowing that you deserve treatment. I especially want to thank you for knowing and believing that you do not have to die from an eating disorder! There is help. We appreciate the opportunity to be part of that process, whether through providing information to you, or working with you personally. Please continue to help yourself, whether it is with us or someone else.

Warm regards,