Healing through Faith: A Guide to Overcoming Your Eating Disorder through Your Relationship with God

On your journey to recovery from your eating disorder, you may encounter many struggles. It is important to recognize that eating disorders are not about an unhealthy relationship with food, they are manifested by a need for control in your life that ultimately ends up controlling you. It is equally important to recognize and understand that when you struggle in recovery, it does not mean that you are lacking in faith.

Join us in today’s post as we discuss a few ways to allow your faith to guide your healing and help you overcome your eating disorder.

Pray Honestly

God knows you. Without saying a thing, He knows your heart. But, He desires a relationship with us, and for us to communicate with Him. Praying honestly requires you to search inside yourself and express those things you hide from others to truly show yourself to Him, to be bare in your vulnerability. Your honest prayers and pleads to salvation are important to building a relationship with your Father, but also to help you discover your truths for yourself.

So many who are hurting and struggling to deny their truths to themselves to help protect themselves. But, to heal and to overcome, we must identify these darknesses and confront them. During your recovery journey, pray often and pray honestly. Pray when you are scared when you are weak; pray when you are grateful and when you feel the strength of His love. Praise His glory and thank Him for His mercy and grace. Pray for guidance and direction, pray of your anger and your fear. Share your struggles and your victories with Him. Faith requires action, let it begin with honest prayer.

Surrender Yourself

This will be difficult. Eating disorders develop from a need to control something in your life, so letting go will likely not be easy. This makes this step all that much more important. Surrender yourself to the love of God. Trust Him to guide your healing. Lay down your need to control and give your life over to His goodness. When you surrender to God, you can move forward, confidently and with strength, knowing that you did not surrender your strength to another person.

Limiting your intake to a point that endangers your life takes strength, power, and extreme control. Understanding this can give you the strength to refocus that energy and strength to surrender yourself.

Deliver Gratitude and Forgiveness

When we are broken and hurting, it is easy to throw our sorrows and hurl our rage at the feet of our Lord. When you bring your burdens to Him to carry for you, you must also carry Him with you in return. As sinners, we stumble and we are not able to deliver grace as humbly as He, especially to ourselves.

To overcome your eating disorder, practice gratitude and forgiveness. Look beyond your pain to find the things that you are thankful for and seek to forgive those who prevent your healing. Each day, find at least three things you are grateful for. These things can be as trivial as the shirt you are wearing and as meaningful as the air you are breathing. When it becomes a habit for you to find the things you are grateful for, it will gradually allow you to let go of the chains that bind you.

Accept Help

The Lord works in mysterious ways. We do not always understand His process, but we know His intent and motivation — love and grace. God will not appear in your room and hold your hand, but he will send help. Faith requires action and accepting the help that is offered shows that you acknowledge the gift that God has sent you.

Help may come by way of a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or a residential treatment facility. In times where you feel broken, it is easy to get defensive and deny the help that is offered out of fear or perceived loss of control. Know that the help that is offered is the workings of the Lord — accept it.

Find Stillness

Life is chaos. In the storm of daily life and, especially when you are waging a battle against your disease; worry and pain easily drown out peace. It is incredibly important to your recovery to listen to the silence, to find stillness and quiet reflection. Turn off the perpetual distraction and quiet the constant stimulation to listen. Listen to your heart, listen for God’s word and head His lessons.

At Canopy Cove, we know how incredibly important that stillness is in releasing the control you desire over your meals. We offer wide open space on the lush, green lawn in sunny Tallahassee. Miles of walking trails and horses who are silent companions, we offer the calm and quiet that is God’s medicine.

If you or your loved one is struggling with an eating disorder, contact us at Canopy Cove. We are a Christian-based eating disorder treatment center for women and girls. We use a wide variety of recovery methods, including reminding you of God’s love for you, to help you overcome your disease. Contact us to enroll in our program today.